A modern approach to higher education

Our students often say, "it's like you built this just for me."  Well... that's exactly what we did! What began in 2019 as a higher ed think-tank has evolved into an in-person experience, with 60+ students enrolled over two years.


Help students discover their purpose and launch them to their next steps.

As a lifelong educator, I've seen how many families are struggling with the "one-size-fits-all" mentality of traditional colleges.  Each student deserves an education tailored to their unique background and goals, with a holistic approach to becoming ready for success in life (not just in the classroom).  With campuses limited to 150 so that our students feel at home with family, that is what MYX has been able to accomplish, and we are so excited about where the future is heading!


Abby Brody

MYX Founder and Chief Learning Officer

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MYX Pillars

MYX was founded on five core pillars upon which the curriculum has been built.  Our team has used decades of experience in higher education and the latest research in learning and cognitive sciences to reMYX education for the modern student - and the world they will inhabit.

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