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Welcome to the Family

Most college admissions offices enroll tens of thousands of students, so they must turn everyone into a "number."  At MYX, we limit our pods to 15 students to get to know everyone.  That's why all our admissions are conducted via 1:1 video interviews, rather than standardized scores and essays.

"She showed me MYX on TikTok, and I was like, "TikTok, is this real?" I wasn't totally convinced at first. But we looked into it, met with the team, and now being here it made it so real. I wish this was around when I was younger!"

Tanisha L, MYX Parent



We don't like to place anyone in a box, and get applicants from all different walks of life, but these are some of the things we generally look for on our interviews.


MYX Fits Your Goals

We want to make sure that this program can work for you. A doctor or lawyer might be better served in the traditional system. But entrepreneurs, explorers, and many more thrive at MYX. No background is needed in your subject to be a good fit.


You Fit The Community

Our students are incredibly welcoming, collaborative, determined, curious, and adventurous. We want to make sure that they are surrounded by likeminded individuals who can become a family and network for life.

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No Assholes Policy : )

MYX has always been fortunate enough to be surrounded by good people. We think it's the only way to enjoy life while creating a safe space for our students to learn and discover. Good MYXers are respectful to the people and world around them.

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MYX was life-changing. Over the past year I've grown more than I can even begin to explain. MYX has provided so many new adventures, and I gained an amazing family I can reach out to at any point in my life."

Mixy G, MYX '21 Student





Please fill out the form below to book an initial phone call with our admissions team. You'll also be able to ask any questions you still have during this time, and then you will schedule a 1:1 zoom with an admissions officer.


Show Up!

If you miss a job interview, you won't get the job.  MYX is looking for students who show up for life. If you forget your admissions meeting, you'll unfortunately be rejected.



We don't believe in long, drawn-out admissions processes that leave students more full of anxiety than excitement.  At MYX, you'll find out if you're accepted in 24H!

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Below is a simple form to begin your application. Please make sure to select your timezone, and to choose a time you are sure that you can receive a phone call for. Looking forward to seeing you in the MYX!

Apply Now

I can't even think of where to begin. I have 100% confidence that MYX has changed my life for the better. I valued every day and every activity here. I already miss my new friends and MYX home.

Nate G, MYX '22 Student

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