Explore Pathway

The Explore Pathway is for students who aren’t sure what they want to do next. They want time to consider different subjects to study and career paths to pursue before committing.

Combining Explore semesters is a great gap year - students can see the world, reflect on life, meet interesting people, have fun, and plan what’s next.

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Save years. Save thousands.

Compared to traditional college

For $9,500 per semester (on average), come to MYX for as many semesters
as you’d like to spend exploring the world and finding your purpose!

What's included:

  • MYX house residence and programming

  • Online classes curated based on your goals*

  • Group and individual coaching and mentoring

  • Essential life and business skills curriculum

  • Real-world project framework and support

  • Job preparation support

*Certain courses may require additional fees

Walk away with:

  • Clarity and confidence in your next step in life

  • Credentials from online courses (if applicable)

  • A digital portfolio showcasing your accomplishments

  • A wide range of essential life and business skills 

  • Stories and pics from your travel adventure

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