Frequently asked

Will I graduate with a degree from MYX?

MYX does not grant degrees. We believe that students have agency and should choose the specific credentials that meet their unique needs. MYX can support students seeking a bachelor’s degree through our collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU). Our Explore and Work Path students can choose from a wide variety of online courses and certifications to gain the skills they seek.

Will my credits transfer to a traditional college after I attend MYX?

It depends. Every college has their own transfer requirements and rules. MYX intentionally curates courses from top learning institutions to increase the likelihood that credits will be accepted.

What will I get from MYX when I’m done? 

All MYX students leave with a digital portfolio that showcases their projects and accomplishments. An increasing number of employers are more interested in seeing what you’ve done rather than your college transcript or GPA. We make it easy to show them your work and your potential.

If you’re on the Degree Pathway, assuming you meet the criteria set forth by the institution granting that degree, you will leave MYX armed with that degree.

If you’re on the Explore or Work Pathways, then you’ll likely leave MYX with certificates or certifications from the online courses you took.

Does MYX have professors? Where do I go for help?

MYX doesn’t have traditional specialized faculty (e.g. professor of physics, history, anthropology) since students study a wide range of subjects online. Instead, our faculty are guides who support students by asking questions, encouraging critical thinking, and facilitating group discussion to unearth insights. Faculty are available to support students 1:1 and in group sessions in the Learning Arena.

Can I just take classes online and not live at MYX?

One day, yes! But even when that’s an option, we strongly recommend that students spend at least one semester on campus. The experience living onsite is transformational and will allow students to expand their networks and learn about the world through travel.

How much is MYX tuition?

Please see our Tuition page or Schedule a Call with our Admissions Counselors.

What if I don't like my classes and want to make a change?

It’s easy and free to change them! At MYX, we want students to find their passion. Often, that requires some trial and error. 73% of college graduates never use their degree of study! We don’t want our students to be a statistic. If you want to make a change, we’ll help you make it happen!

Are there any requirements for applying to MYX?

Yes. You must be between 18-24 years old and have graduated from high school.

Can I take out student loans or use my 529 plan to pay for MYX?

While federal loans cannot be used to pay for MYX tuition, students may be able to procure private educational loans or use federal loans to cover the cost of an online degree program. Students may also be able to use funds from a 529 plan toward the cost of an online degree and the accommodation portion of the MYX tuition. The best thing to do is to ask your accountant or financial advisor how to make MYX most affordable for you.

Does MYX offer financial aid? What payment options are available?

MYX offers both need- and merit-based aid, which you can apply for once accepted. If you do apply, MYX will hold your spot while you wait to hear if you have been approved for aid so that you can make an informed decision regarding enrollment. We offer payment plans enabling you to pay for tuition over multiple months. We’ll review options with you once you apply.

How many other students will be attending MYX?

MYX is committed to a high touch, close-knit community, so enrollment is limited to 150 students per campus.

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