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Find and build your next gen talent.

Top Gen-z talent trained for you.

Top GenZ Talent

Bootcamps for every role

Long-term investment


We Solve Entry Level Hiring For Generation-Z

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The average cost of training a new employee is $1,207, and takes 47 hours.

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Job Hopping

Gen Zers job hop at a rate 134% higher than in 2019. 67% want to learn skills.



Voluntary turnover can cost 90%+ of an employee's annual salary in $ and time.

Welcome to MYX

MYX creates 1:1 micro-bootcamps tailored to your specific company and role, and finds students that you can sponsor for our training programs in return for a job-placement commitment. Our ability to reach Gen-Z candidates via TikTok and other social media platforms reaches far beyond the extent of LinkedIn or Indeed. With a curriculum designed right down to your software and communication tools, you'll have someone ready to go on day one, and who wants to grow for many years beyond their commitment.


How MYX Works

MYX's career bootcamps offer an intensive curriculum, hands-on experience, and global community living. We foster academic and personal growth, surpassing traditional education by emphasizing real-world exposure and meaningful connections.

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Conducting individual consultations with companies to identify specific roles and responsibilities for their distinct needs and goals.



MYX simplifies recruitment using TikTok to source diverse Gen-Z talent. Our soft-skills bootcamp and direct-to-work training generate a skilled candidate pool for easier hiring.



MYX provides customized 1:1 bootcamps for company needs, ensuring complete training. Students gain essential skills, boosting their effectiveness.

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MYX reduces turnover with a 2-year student commitment. In exchange for tuition, students work for the sponsor, increasing investment value.

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This is the time in education. We're going from ABC to Netflix, from Toyota to Tesla, from MySpace to TikTok. I'm incredibly passionate about what MYX is doing!

GaryVee, CEO of VaynerMedia

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