Education is personal. It is a gateway to gain the skills to reach our unique goals. At MYX, we don't believe in a one size fits all approach. There are no “freshmen," there are only “Saras, Alberts, and Tanias.”

Current educational institutions have one product that takes at least 4 years of your time and $120K-$200K of your money, regardless of whether or not your specific goals require that much training. To say nothing of how many students never even end up working in the fields that they've gotten their degrees for, and how few actually graduate on time.

If you walked into Harvard today and told them you wanted to be an astronaut, they would say, "Ok, come for 4 years." If you walked into Harvard tomorrow and told them you wanted to be a social media manager, they would say, "Ok, come for 4 years." How does that make sense?

At MYX everyone is on a personalized education plan (CourseMYX) that map directly to their unique goals. The program is designed so that you first have an opportunity to explore various different interests, and only then once you've honed in on your passion, continue further towards either building degree credits or direct-to-work certifications. 

This is the key differentiator of MYX and the biggest opportunity of choice that our students find: at the end of one year, some will use their credentials to transfer into a traditional degree program, and can even earn admissions to Arizona State University; others will use their credentials to enter the workforce, starting a new career in fields such as programming, entrepeneurship, hospitality and more.

The choice is yours! No matter what you choose though, all MYX students will go onto their next step with far beyond the Credentials they've earned. The Clarity gained through exploration ensures that they end up working in a field that they love, the Competency gained through life skills and hands-on experience ensures that they can do so successfully, and the Community gained through our campus environment ensures that they will always be surrounded by a network of friends and mentors.

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