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At MYX, we believe the purpose of education is to propel you to your “next” in life. However, very few of us  know what that “next” is. And those of us who think we know are usually wrong!

78% of college graduates never use their degree of study and 44% of them go into a career that never required a degree at all.

In Term 1, students focus on exploration and clarity before diving into their degree or credential work. While this approach seems obvious, high schools and traditional colleges do not leave space for exploration.  You are asked to choose a major at 18, and then immediately dropped into prerequisites that barely give you any idea of the actual subject. By the time students even realize it might not be for them, they've invested years of time and thousands of dollars, and get further penalized when switching majors. 

At MYX, we recognize the importance of clarity and have support to help our students find their “next.” Our students learn from the world around them. Our campus travels each term so that by living in three differenct countries, with their own cultures and specialities, our students can find stories from the ultimate textbook: the world! There is so much more to life than sitting in a 200 person lecture hall or memorizing facts for a quiz that you won't remember past next week. Every day our students are exposed to something NEW. It might be a new language, or type of food, or dance move, or friend... 

All of these things help build clarity about who you are and the world around you!

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