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Did you know that only 8% of a student’s time in higher education is spent in the classroom?

At MYX, we believe the 92% matters.

MYX is where everyone knows your name and is there for your success. At MYX you belong. Sadly, traditional higher education institutions don’t focus on the importance of community. In these large education institutions, it's rare for a professor to know a student’s name, and with 1,000s of students on campus it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. That is why all MYX pods capped at 15 students.

At MYX, you have the option to either engage in your classes remotely, or to find housing together with your pod. We make this process easy for any of those who wish to participate, and that flexibility allows you to take your classes from locations that inspire, with students  expanding their world view and network from living in cultures different than their own.

This transformational experience allows you to leave with what every MYX student would use the same word to describe: family.

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