Did you know that only 8% of a student’s time in higher educaiton is spent in the classroom?

At MYX we believe the 92% matters.

At MYX everyone knows your name and is here for your success. Never before has community been more needed. Gen Z has grown up in a new world with modern realities that have left them more isolated from face to face interactions with peers. The result?  79% of college students are reporting mental health issues with mental health now reported as the second most popular reason for students dropping out. At MYX we have the remedy, and its simple.

At MYX you belong.

Sadly traditional higher education insitutions don’t focus on the importance of community. In these large education institutions it is rare for a professor to know a student’s name and with 1,000s of students on campus it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. That is why all MYX campuses are capped at 150 students. Why 150? See here.

While our campus are small, the cities our campuses reside in are not. At MYX we are preparing our students for the larger world. With campuses in locations that inspire, students  expand their world view from living in cultures different than their own.

The combination of world exploration with a small community of support? A transformative learning experience.

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