In 2018 our founder started a think tank called Mind the Gap that looked at the gaps between schooling and life. Out of this work, the MYX was born and it had a clear mission- to graduate life ready individuals by filling those gaps.

Mastery of content.

We know the results of traditional schooling. You take the test and forget most of the content within 30 days and you do this over and over. Often you are unsure why the material was relevant or required to learn. Not only does this system produce students who no longer love learning, it does not reflect any of the learnings in the cognitive sciences.

We learn by doing.

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I see and I understand." - Confucius

At MYX we put research into practice. All students at MYX apply their classes to a project/ apprenticeship and learn problem solving frameworks like Stanford’s Design Thinking  method.

Life Skills

  • 96% of College graduates cannot compare insurance plans

  • 61% cannot stop a leakng toilet

  • 60% don’t know how to budget

Basic life skills are no longer taught in high schools nor higher education. The result? Graduates struggling to live independently often relying on family. All MYX students are enrolled in HOW TOs where we cover everything from taxes to changing a tire! Allowing our students to take on life with confidence and independence.

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