The credentials students receive at MYX depend on their unique goals. For many students, working towards a degree will be required, but for some of our students, a direct-to-work certification is all that is required for them to start a new career. We work 1:1 with every student and their families to make sure that they are aware of all the different choices available to them, and to maximize each student's return on their investment.

MYX does not provide our own credentials and is not accreddited - nor do we ever plan to! There are thousands of the top universities and industry leaders that have made their credentials available through online learning, and they all have a bigger brand name on your resume than MYX. We believe it is in our student’s best interests to learn from the top research/thought leader in their field of study, and help curate from the myriad choices.

The last few years have seen almost every single student in the world gain some experience with online ed, but it also has shown that it is not the only answer. Distant learning can be difficult to stay on track and provides none of the social-emotional skills that are developed by living together with students your own age. 

For many online programs, the average completion rates of their classes are 10%. As a hybrid program, MYX not only saw completion rates of 100% during its last semester, but it also provided a support system that students refer to as "family" and created other opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.

All of our students take enough credit classes from ASU to potentially earn their admissions into their degree program, so long as they receive a GPA above 2.75 while at MYX. We want to leave the door open for everyone, and believe that these foundational subjects are helpful whether you continue for a degree or seek out a shorter certification route. However, if you gain the Clarity to know this is your path, we can personalize your CourseMYX to feature even more of these credit courses so that you leave your year at MYX as a rising sophomore. Here are some examples of those courses:

  • English

  • Economics

  • Philosophy

  • Communication

  • Excel for Business

  • Health and Wellness

  • Astronomy

  • Engineering

The same goes in the opposite direction: even if you know you want to get a degree, you'll still gain stackable certificates while at MYX. That way you continue to have more choice wherever life takes you and more credentials to show off on a resume than someone spending a year at a traditional school. Here are some examples of the different credentials you can earn to transform your career:

  • Entrepeneurship from the University of Pennsylvania

  • Social Media Management from Meta

  • iOS Developer from Meta

  • Blockchain Applications from Duke

  • Cyber Security from NYU

  • Project Management from Google

  • UX Design from Google

  • Digital Marketing and eComm from Google

  • Fashion from the Parsons School of Design

  • Psychology from Yale

  • Data Science Professional from IBM

  • Full Stack Software Developer from IBM

  • Medical Cannabis from the University of Colorado

  • Robotics from Northwestern

  • Sales Representative from Salesforce and/or Hubspot

  • Food and Health from Stanford

  • Construction Project Management from Columbia

If that seems like it's all over the map, that's because it's supposed to be! Remember, MYX is all about giving you Choices, but we want to make sure that you do so with Clarity to ensure that you end up using those credentials. But you'll never be leaving with those things alone, because every MYX student also gains Competency and Community that set them apart from the pack.

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