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The credentials students receive at MYX depend on their unique goals. For many students, a direct-to-work certification is the most efficient route to their desired career. 

We believe in the importance of marketable skills, and every student benefits in their career goals by being able to show proficiency in specific skills. Many of the leading companies in today's modern workforce have recognized that for certain jobs, a certification is equivalent to a degree in terms of career-readiness. 

Here are some more examples of the different credentials you can earn to transform your career, and again with many more options to choose from!

  • Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania

  • Social Media Management from Meta

  • iOS Developer from Meta

  • Blockchain Applications from Duke

  • Cyber Security from NYU

  • Project Management from Google

  • UX Design from Google

  • Digital Marketing and eComm from Google

  • Fashion from the Parsons School of Design

  • Psychology from Yale

  • Data Science Professional from IBM

  • Full Stack Software Developer from IBM

  • Medical Cannabis from the University of Colorado

  • Robotics from Northwestern

  • Sales Representative from Salesforce and/or Hubspot

  • Food and Health from Stanford

  • Construction Project Management from Columbia

Students leave MYX with more. More credentials, more choices, and more doors opened.

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