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Digital Marketing

Price: average tuition is $10K for the three-month program if you would like to co-live with your pod, with private/dorm options available through a housing partner. If you would like to engage with the program fully remote, the average tuition is $7K.

What's included online:

  • Credentials + Mentor (below)

  • Daily group and weekly 1:1 sessions with Mentor

  • 4 sessions with a Life Coach

  • Together, we will create a marketing agency from the ground up, with students performing different project-based roles in order to gain hands-on experience.

  • For students that hit their milestones and complete their work, they will receive a $150 weekly stipend that is paid via UpWork in order to build their freelancer profiles.

What's included with optional housing:

  • Co-working space, along with wifi/utilities

  • Daily community programming like yoga, live music, and more

  • Weekly excursions like museum tours, ziplining, surfing, and more


  • Project Management from Google

  • Social Media Management from Meta (aka Facebook/IG)

  • Data Analysis from IBM


  • Adam Levin, MYX Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer. Adam began his career working in film under the former heads of six different studios: Disney, Universal, Fox, Lionsgate, STX and TWC. His experience being mentored by these marketing gurus greatly informed not only his future career trajectory, but his passion for the MYX mission. After eventually being promoted from assistant to executive in charge of overseeing animated franchise development, he was able to work with brands such as Walmart, Hasbro, McDonalds, Atlantic Records and Alibaba to coordinate emotionally resonant messaging through both movie content and marketing. During his time at MYX, the growth in awareness that has been achieved through social media resulted in being featured as a case-study by TikTok, and multiple brands approaching our students to continue working for them after launch.

Overview of Learning Modules:

  1. Culture and Onboarding- how to operate as a team, at a company, in the real world.

  2. Starting a Company- how to develop an MVP that you can build for low/no cost.

  3. Marketing- how to create content that speaks to your value proposition, how to identify and target your audience, how to reach each of those audiences across different channels, and how to manage multiple campaigns at once.

  4. Sales- how to create materials and funnels that not only sell products but can also sell your services.

  5. Iteration- how to pivot and grow your business, your marketing, and your lives as you gain more data and experience.


Before enrolling in MYX, I was taking online college courses on my own through Arizona State University. While online learning fits my learning style and lifestyle, doing it while living at MYX with friends and staff to help me stay on track has been so helpful. One of my other passions is music, so while continuing with my degree studies, I'm also taking a direct-to-work specialization in music production and plan to use the project to create an album I've wanted to record!


I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was leaving high school, and I didn't feel ready to sink money into a 4-year degree until I had more direction. When I found MYX, I knew this was MY place. In my first term, I explored all classes, from philosophy to business to art. When I found myself loving the art classes more, I decided to do a mural for my project that still stands at MYX Miami today! If you see it there on campus, make sure to take a pic : )

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