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Looking to Explore the World While Earning College Credits?

While MYX is designed for students questioning the traditional college system, there are still many who are looking to leave the door open to a degree, or are still unsure what their passion is.

MYX’s College Ready Program perfectly caters to those looking to leave their options open.

College Ready is a four-month add-on to any of the MYX career-ready bootcamps (Digital Marketing, UX Design, Web Development, or Music Production). For the first four months with MYX, students will complete their online college units through ASU. After these four months, students will embark on one of the MYX bootcamp programs. This combination allows students to further their college education and build an impressive portfolio of credentials and projects to show employers later in a year with MYX. All while traveling the globe.

As a partner of Arizona State University, MYX students have the opportunity to accumulate 24 credits in various disciplines via ASU’s online courses. Students who earn above a 2.75 GPA, automatically earn admission into ASU's degree programs. However, the credits completed through the College Ready Program are also highly transferrable to other colleges and universities.

“Nationally and internationally acclaimed, ASU consistently ranks among the very best in nearly every critical measurement of student success, outcomes of groundbreaking research and impact in the communities it serves," says

After completing their ASU courses, College Ready students will spend the remainder of their time with MYX working through an online career ready bootcamp. Our bootcamps, Digital Marketing, UX Design, Web Development, and Music Production, all offer a variety of practical skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied in the workforce.

With the MYX, students’ wellbeing and success are the top priority. In doing so, each student has a dedicated MYX mentor to guide them through their coursework and a dedicated Co-Active life coach to help them navigate their personal and creative goals.

At MYX Education, we believe in the importance of hands-on learning and providing students with real-world experience. While completing their college coursework and bootcamp program, students live and study in some of the most inspiring locations in the world. Our partnership with Selina Hotel makes this possible. MYX students have a traveling campus right at their fingertips.

For students looking for an educational experience that combines hands-on learning, college credits, travel, and the flexibility to explore your career interests, MYX Education's College Ready program is an excellent choice.

By combining one of our bootcamp programs with ASU classes, MYX offers a well-rounded and comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for their next steps, whether that be continuing their college education or launching into a new career.

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