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Meet Gracie Ekdale Hoch, Spring 2023 Grad:

Gracie, a digital marketing student with MYX, reflects on the past 5 months of her life as being the most transformative time in her life. As she finishes up her online boot camp and embarks on a new remote job, all while traveling through Costa Rica, Gracie cannot believe how much her life has evolved through this experience.

Gracie was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. After graduating high school in 2021, she completed 1 semester at California Lutheran University, where she studied marketing communications. Gracie has always loved learning, traveling, seeking out adventures, and inspiring others. She is not afraid to step off the beaten path, a trait of hers that ultimately led her to join MYX.

Choosing MYX

“I never went to college for a degree. I went to college because I thought I had to,” said Gracie. A statement that seems to resonate with many MYX students who similarly follow the traditional path and realize something is missing.

“Before MYX, I didn't love the path I was working towards. I was in college and working on a marketing communications degree. I was coming to realize I needed a more worldly experience. I needed an education that felt applicable to the work I would be doing in the field.

Gracie demanded more from her education. She knew that her specific passions and career goals were not aligned with the traditional cookie-cutter approach of collegiate institutions.

“I wanted a career, not just a piece of paper,”

With this, Gracie started exploring options outside of a traditional degree. When she stumbled upon MYX in the summer of 2022, she was eager to learn more.

What initially intrigued Gracie about the program was how all of her passions, from traveling to project-based learning, were the foundational pieces of the MYX curriculum and culture.

“The idea of traveling while simultaneously launching myself into the marketing world seemed like a dream come true."

Life with MYX

Gracie is currently wrapping up her time with MYX, where she will culminate with a digital marketing boot camp certification, a network of peers and mentors, a portfolio of job-like projects, and an immersive travel experience.

“MYX was the first place that made me feel like college isn't the only way to reach my goal. I can still learn and achieve so much in a way that may not be conventional or traditional. The connections I created with my peers and other mentors allowed me to grow personally, and professionally, and to begin to understand who I am and how I want to impact the world.”

The biggest lesson Gracie feels she has embodied this past year is that of resilience. When college was not the right fit for her, Gracie searched for another way. Thanks to her willingness to take that leap and walk off the beaten trail, Gracie is now on the brink of launching her marketing career through MYX.

Balance is a crucial component of being a MYX student. When asked how she has balanced all of her responsibilities while also having the travel experience of a lifetime, Gracie says,

“I don't really have a choice. I want to be able to do this full-time as I pursue freelance social media marketing. For the other MYX students and me, we are obligated to balance it.

It is not an obligation, it is a privilege.”

Looking to the Future

After completing her Digital Marketing Bootcamp, Gracie was recently hired by a startup company to work as their social media marketer. Gracie exudes excitement being 20 years old and already working in her field of interest.

Gracie plans to continue her travels and backpack through Europe while working remotely. On top of her current secured gig, she will push forward working freelance as a contractor to various brands creating content. Gracie’s creativity and passion for travel and inspiring others have all come together.

“These past 6 months with MYX have allowed my hobbies and the far-off goals of last year to become my reality. I never expected my life to take off in such a short amount of time. MYX was the first door of so many doors to come. I am unexplainably excited for all my future endeavors.”

Wisdom to Future Students

“This program breaks all barriers. You get to travel. You get to explore. You get to develop your career. You get to make connections. And you are given the resources you need throughout the process. This program is nothing like anything I have seen before. The friends, the community, the places I have visited, and the meaningful personal growth that I have undergone are unmatched by where I was a year ago today. I invite you to get excited and know that the community at MYX is waiting for you to accept you with open arms and help you towards your goals.” -Gracie
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