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MYX Offers An AI Enriched Education

MYX Co-Founder, Adam Levin, Interviewed by Alton Zenon with Jasper.AI

Adam Levin, chief operating officer and head of student experience at MYX Education, is on a mission to prepare students for the future of work using AI. In a recent article on, titled Preparing Students for the Future of Work with AI, Levin explains the importance of teaching students the technological skills they need to succeed in the rapidly evolving job market.

Slowly but surely, generative AI tools are setting the stage for the future of jobs, especially roles in tech and marketing. Tools like Jasper and Chat GPT are readily available and hold

the potential to help employees get work done quicker and more efficiently.

"Why not use what's available online? Because someone else out there will. And that person will have a better chance of getting the job and being successful than you if you're not going to use what's available to you." - Adam Levin

How Adam Levin is Leading MYX Students Through AI

MYX is a "higher education hybrid, combining online career-ready bootcamp programs with the experiential learning that comes with travel."

"Experiential learning" comes in many forms. It is adaptable and applicable. It is learning by doing rather than by memorizing or testing. It is learning through hands-on and relevant experience. This is the foundation MYX has been built upon, and is precisely why MYX has harnessed the advent of AI technology in this way.

For instance, a dozen students ( see right) just finished their term with MYX where they completed a digital marketing bootcamp while traveling through Costa Rica. As MYX students worked through real-life marketing campaigns and built their job portfolios and resumes, Levin pushed them to use generative AI to "create more output and not start every single thing from square one."

Levin sees generative AI as the "inevitable future of the workplace." To really hold up the values of learning through experience, he wants his students to experience the most relevant and applicable version of their education so they can more readily take off into their future jobs. By utilizing generative AI tools to write blog posts, create survey questions, and even tailor their portfolios and resumes to specific job listings, MYX students are doing just that.

Is the Use of Generative AI Cheating?

"Generative AI is the best productivity tool that we've seen since the original creation of the internet," says Alton Zenon with Jasper. However, many educators don't share this opinion. In fact, a universal reaction from a lot of educators was, "This is the end of us all. We can't let students get their hands on AI. Otherwise, they'll never write another paper or take another quiz again."

Although he understands this stance, Levin challenges it. He compares these AI tools to the calculator. According to him, there is no way you can keep a calculator out of the entire learning environment. Whether it be from home or sneaking it under desks, students will find a way.

Levin says, "You can't tell students, 'You're not always going to have AI there to help,' because the truth is, they will. It'll be something that students need to know how to use in the workforce to get themselves in the best position to be hired and lead the life they want."

With MYX, students are learning these tools under the guidance of highly experienced marketing professionals who are showing students the potential to still create human-driven and authentic content with these technologies. MYX students are taught how to use AI generation tools to work alongside them. Not do the work for them.

"The main thing that we're trying to teach students is to understand that the tools don't actually know the information. And that's fine. It was meant to be a first draft to layer in a personal touch before it becomes a final product." -Adam Levin

To conclude, MYX Education is at the forefront of modern education, preparing students for the workforce in a way not seen before. With a curriculum powered by generative AI technology, career ready bootcamps, and 1 on 1 mentorship, students learn through application and experience.

With the guidance of experienced professionals, students learn how to create authentic content that drives productivity with the use of AI generative technology. MYX students are incomparably prepared for the technologically enriched workplace that is evolving before our eyes.

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