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In The MYX: Stories from the Frontier

Miami 2022 - Volume 3

Place Based Learning

Last week's PBL brought us to the heart of Little Haiti! We explored the Little Haiti Cultural Center and learned about the important role the building plays in the community. We toured its classrooms, the theater where they play movies in French & Creole, and the Art Gallery that features local artists from the community. Our guide Mecca shared the history of Haiti and how immigration from Haiti shaped Miami and the neighborhood we explored. He recited an inspiring poem about his experience of being Haitian American and cherishing his roots and the community.

After studying climate gentrification in week 3 of online classes, the students were able to experience exactly how it is affecting the area by talking to residents about the issues the Haitian community is facing due to rising sea levels. MYXers shared a traditional Haitian meal in the “Mache Ayisyen”, which is the community marketplace designed by architect Charles Pawley as a modern day replica of Port Au Prince's Iron Market. We then explored the streets of Little Haiti and admired the many murals, met community locals & experienced traditional Haitian stores.

Projects and How Tos

MYXers have spent the past 2 and a half weeks in the Empathy Stage of the Design Thinking Process! They have been empathizing with themselves and coming to conclusions about the type of work they enjoy doing and the type of environments they work best in. MYXers have read the first few chapters of Design Your Life, which uses the design thinking phases to help design a fulfilling life. Students have created Work View & Life View Statements, Odyssey Plans, and a Good Time Journal.

This past Monday, MYXers completed Life Design Interviews, and were set up with different mentors to learn more about their careers and lifestyles. Students then identified the type of life experiences that resonated with them & that they want to emulate in their own lives! We ended this week by switching to the Define Mode in the design thinking process and coming up with a project plan to begin executing.

MYXers have also spent the past 2 weeks learning important life skills such as how to split the bill, how to create a website, how to write a thank you/follow up email, and how to write a “cold” email. After our Life Design Interviews, students learned how to follow up with a thank you after a meeting. We then discussed the skill of cold emailing, and watched a great Ted Talk about the power and possibilities it can lead to. We then practiced by sending out emails to professionals in their fields of interest! MYXers dove into website building as a skill going forward to build their portfolios and show off all of their achievements during their time at MYX!

Coaching Spotlight


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey to coaching?

Coaching came to me originally through health challenges and then again when I was feeling a loss of direction with my career purpose. I hired coaches to support me through both challenges and it literally changed my life. I was inspired to give back in the same way and coaching has now become my passion!

What is one fun fact we wouldn’t guess about you?

I used to do cave surveys, spending 30+ hours at a time mapping underground worlds and I currently play electric cello in a band.

What do you love about coaching at the MYX?

As an education consultant, career coach, and world traveler, the MYX is a mashup of some of my favorite things. I love being part of a different educational opportunity for young adults and truly believe that experiential learning is the future of education.

Anything else you would like to share?

My theory on life is that our task as adults is to become more and more ourselves, uncovering the layers of society’s pressures and learning to show up with full self-trust and self-love. It’s a beautiful journey and the wisdom gained makes each year better than the last!

MYXer Spotlight


1. Why MYX?

I chose MYX because I wanted to be able to explore the world, meet new people, and do my school work all at the same time.

2. What interests you in Online Ed?

Online ed grabbed my attention because I get to go explore where I'm living at during the times that I want to and then working on my school work when I want to as well.

3. What's been your favorite moment so far?

My favorite moment so far was when a group of us were exploring downtown Miami and as we were walking back we saw a rainbow and a gorgeous sunset!

4. What's left on your Miami Bucket List?

I would love to go snorkeling and surfing while we are in Miami.


1. Why MYX?

I chose MYX because my whole life I always had an image of what I wanted education to be and MYX perfectly fit that description

2. What interests you in Online Ed?

The best thing about online education is the personal responsibility to overachieve or underachieve

3. What's been your favorite moment so far?

My favorite moment of MYX so far is definitely been the first MYXer networking event we had because it was my first chance to really get close to and talk to some successful people and it made me really want more opportunities like that

4. What's left on your Miami Bucket List?

Go scuba diving!

Monday MYXer

MYX faculty hosted the first MYXer dinner to model the event for future student hosts. They kicked off the night with ‘MYXed Drinks’, a mocktail bar where students made their own MYXed drink. Shortly after, they introduced their guest speaker Ja’dan Johnson, a Miami-based investor, entrepreneur and community organizer. Ja’dan talked about 6 pieces of advice he would give his younger self which included the importance of networking, execution and Community. After his talk was finished, we introduced our 4 other dinner guests (professionals in the field of hospitality) and broke for dinner, a paella feast!

MYXers Jake Phillips, Kylie Steffen, Trenai Patterson, Johnny Spurlock, and Qadir Wilson hosted the following MYXer! The guest speaker for their dinner was Brandon Reeves, a leading investor at Lux Capital. Brandon talked about his experience working for Tesla & how he pivoted his career to investing. He gave great advice about the power of networking and taking advantage of small opportunities as you never know what they will turn into! We shared our Cuban meal with 4 other dinner guests with occupations ranging from remote working graphic design, day-trading, teaching and sustainability. Our student hosts' twist on the MYXer was a game night theme! They set up a bunch of card games on the tables and the students and dinner guests played them and talked over dinner!

MYX Life

Here are a few more pictures from around campus!