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In The MYX: Stories from the Frontier

Miami 2022 - Volume 4

Place Based Learning

Last week on campus we paused our traditional place-based learning curriculum to create a different space for students to learn from: a Design Challenge! The goal of this Design Challenge was for students to apply their Design Thinking skills to a real-world project that is close to them. They were tasked to imagine the best version of our digital tool, the Quad.

Working within groups of their peers, students used the Design Thinking Process to improve the Quad. After empathizing with different users through interviews they defined the needs of the community. Then students ideated what the best version of the app's homepage would be best. During this brainstorming, all ideas are good as the craziest or most unlikely might lead to an insight or revelation later.

Students had to create a rough draft prototype of the homepage of the quad and share it with the group for feedback. Students then presented the best of their ideas for the Quad. Moving forward our team will use these ideas for features and design in order to improve our online community. Most importantly though, students are able to brag that they have completed another cycle of Design Thinking and have more practice getting their hands dirty with messy prototypes which should serve them well in their personal projects!

Wynnwood has become a globally known neighborhood for its fantastic murals completed by world-renowned artists. The Wynwood experience exposed students to the transformative power of art and street art in particular. Wynwood was transformed in a few decades from a dilapidated industrial neighborhood in midtown Miami to the largest outdoor gallery and graffiti capital of the world. Students participated in a walking tour with a graffiti artist where they had the chance to enjoy awe-inspiring murals from talented artists while exploring the historical significance of street art as a medium for cultural, social, and political discourse. Experience with this unique public art form allowed students to empathize with the gruesome efforts and challenges these artists go through to pursue their passions. Students also developed insights on the various revenue and marketing channels the artists rely upon to generate income. However, the highlight was creating our own graffiti art!

Projects and How Tos

MYXers spent the past 2 weeks diving into their projects! They have defined the life experiences they want to emulate and explore and have completed the first and second drafts of their Project Plan. Students are now in the Prototype Stage of their projects as they begin to execute the tasks they required for their plans. We have MYXers exploring career options, creating websites, writing movie scripts, producing music, and even flying a plane! MYXers have received feedback from their peers and Learning Leaders and are producing amazing things in Miami!

How To create and build a strong LinkedIn profile and budgeting were the two How To topics covered these past two weeks. Each student has created a LinkedIn profile, be sure to connect with them as we discussed the importance of the platform and how it can be beneficial in finding mentors, career paths, and jobs!

MYXers also discussed the importance of budgeting and the 50-30-20 rule. They ideated ways to keep on budget for the rest of the semester and explored different tools such as apps and spreadsheets that can assist them to create a budgeting program that works for them.

Coaching Update

Our coaching program is customized to meet the needs of each student. As CoActive coaches, there are powerful and proven tools rooted in neuroscience and positive psychology that all students will be equipped with during their time at MYX. One foundational tool in coaching is identifying the voice in your head that generates fear-based thoughts, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk. We call this “the Saboteur.” By identifying and personifying our saboteur and creating a whole character around it, we are able to create awareness around these thoughts, recognize that they aren’t who we truly are, and start to ask questions to disempower the thoughts such as, “is this thought true.” Once the saboteur is no longer running the show, students will experience more clarity, focus and confidence and decreased anxiety. We are already seeing the impact of this! You can give this a try, too! What does your saboteur voice sound like? What does your saboteur look like? What might you call them?

MYXer Spotlight


1. Why MYX?

I chose MYX because it offered an opportunity that many other colleges weren’t able to offer me.

2. What interests you in Online Ed?

I like Online Ed because it allows me to build my own schedule that works for me.

3. What's been your favorite moment so far?

My favorite moment so far was the trip to Wynwood, got to see a lot of really cool art.

4. What's left on your Miami Bucket List?

I have a couple things on my bucket list but one of the main ones is I wanna get on a boat and go deep sea fishing.

5. Have you chosen a personal project?

For my personal project, I am making a music catalog to document my progress from a beginner to more advanced producer.


1. Why MYX?

What truly drove my decision to choose MYX instead of the traditional college route was my high school experience. I attended an “experiential” college preparatory private high school that claimed to be a place for those who think outside of the box, and it was the opposite. By my senior year the thought of going to school, sitting in a classroom, and being stuck in one spot for another 4 years sounded horrible. So, when I heard about MYX, a learning program that encourages going off the beaten path, traveling and immersing yourself in the areas you visit, and building a life that surrounds your personal interests rather than what is expected of you, I was ecstatic that I had found such an amazing college alternative that held the same values as me.

2. What interests you in Online Ed?

What interests me in Online Education is the ability I have to partake in it from anywhere in the world. I love having the freedom to travel while completing my academic goals.

3. What's been your favorite moment so far?

My favorite moment so far has been meeting Patricia Woodson, founder of Youth Lead Change, at one of our MYXers, networking dinners hosted by MYX students. I had a heartwarming and inspiring conversation with her that contributed to what my MYX project will be.

4. What's left on your Miami Bucket List?

What’s left on my Miami Bucket List is riding the trolley!

5. Have you chosen a personal project?

Yes, I have chosen a personal project! I will be curating a meditative curriculum focused on wellness and self growth for a small group of young women from my community in Oakland, California.

Monday MYXer

Nate Greenway, Lecena Day-Picariello, Anabelle Zdawczyk, and Jessyca Vandor were the hosts of our third weekly Shower Talk dinner event! They hosted an incredible panel with guests Michael Mannino: a Neuroscientist, Philosopher, Athlete, and Educator. Douglas Fajardo: CEO / CXO at Xennial Digita. Paul Natland: Teacher at Ransom Everglades School. And Patricia Woodson: Founder and executive director at Youth Lead Change and Co-founder of HahnX. They asked the panel a few questions, then dispersed everyone to breakout tables where the students could ask more personal questions to the panelists. The host team's Twist on the night was a photo shoot and a best-dressed contest… with a catch. The winner got to pie one of the hosts in the face! They ended the night with an ice cream dessert and really set the bar of what is possible with the Shower Talk!

Our next group to host a Shower Talk dinner was Virginia Luna, Levi Rovner, Korinne Harriss, Sam Reiss, and Isa Guzman! They formatted the night into a panel and then a breakout discussion. The topic of discussion was what it is like founding a company, and everything that goes into that. To talk about this topic, our guest speakers were Alexandra Guerra: Co-founder of Nori, Abby Brody: CEO and founder of MYX, and Mehdi Moutahir: a Learning Leader at MYX with an extensive entrepreneurship background, creating many successful businesses. This team's Twist on the night was a Freaky Friday theme. All of the students were assigned a different student name and had to dress up as them! Similar to the week before, the winners… got to pie the losers. The event went so well and it was definitely one that will be remembered by everyone!

MYX Life

Here are a few more pictures from around campus!

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