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Term 1: Explore

In term one, students are encouraged to try things on and start thinking about their life goals. Using Stanford’s Design Thinking method, students use its framework to break down problems and find solutions, including the ultimate question… What do I want to do with my life?

83% of graduates don't use their degrees in their field of work. And 40% end up working jobs that didn't require a degree in the first place.

With the support of life coaches and learning leaders, students will be tasked to think about what makes them happy and how they can leverage their unique talents in the world.

Our HOW-TOS (life skills) curriculum in term one focuses on organization, basic life skills like cooking, home/car maintenance, financial budgeting, and tech proficiency in docs and spreadsheets.

Students who have yet to focus on wellness before might be surprised to start each day off with the included yoga lessons or taking group runs through the park in Miami. And ending each night with community programming such as salsa lessons, student-led clubs, or even just hanging at the grill & chill area makes it feel like a true family home.

EXPLORE with Qadir:

Before enrolling in MYX, I was taking online college courses on my own through Arizona State University. While online learning fits my learning style and lifestyle, doing it while living at MYX with friends and staff to help me stay on track has been so helpful. One of my other passions is music, so while continuing with my degree studies, I'm also taking a direct-to-work specialization in music production and plan to use the project to create an album I've wanted to record!

EXPLORE with Anna:

I didn't know what I wanted to do when I was leaving high school, and I didn't feel ready to sink money into a 4-year degree until I had more direction. When I found MYX, I knew this was MY place. In my first term, I explored all classes, from philosophy to business to art. When I found myself loving the art classes more, I decided to do a mural for my project that still stands at MYX Miami today! If you see it there on campus, make sure to take a pic : )

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