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Term 2: Build

In Term 2, students who have discovered their passions in Term 1 then begin to dive into that field and learn the skills required for success. We believe in creating life-ready graduates who are prepared for the modern workplace through stacked skills, credentials, and experiences.

Only 13% of adults say college graduates are prepared for the workplace.

Online classes begin to trend more towards direct-to-work certifications and degrees of study, with students earning big-name credentials that employers will recognize on a resume. With continued credit hours earned through Arizona State University also tailored to each student's unique goals, one student might be in Excel for Business while another is taking Intro to Psychology.

Each student's project in Term 2 is also an evolution from all the foundations built during Term 1. Whereas in Term 1, an entrepreneur may have only presented on their dream business idea, in Term 2, that same student will now be building that business idea and learning how to scale. Design Thinking skills gained from Term 1 will be relied upon as students prototype and evolve their ideas to show hands-on experience and growth, whether for a business, movie, or philanthropy.

Our HOW-TOS (life skills) curriculum in Term 2 focuses on all the things that aren't taught in school but can make "adulting" confusing! Students leave with an understanding of how to live independently, with lessons on taxes, insurance, general contract law, and more.

The MYX family you have made in Term 1 now gets to discover a whole new country for the transformational experience of travel. With entire lesson plans and excursions designed around learning new cultures, languages, food, art, and more, students gain a world-view perspective that makes them stand out from the crowd.

BUILD with Tania:

I knew coming into MYX that I wanted to leave after a year, ready for a career in real estate. In Term 1, I gained the foundational knowledge left as a licensed broker in Florida! But knowing that there are so many different aspects to owning your own business, I was excited to stack social media during my build term. I'm now leaving Term 2 with a professional certification from Meta and even launched my business page on TikTok which I'm now growing as my MYX project.

BUILD with Erik:

I came to MYX thinking I knew what I wanted to do with my life, pursuing a career in aviation. After three weeks of exploring in Term 1, I realized it wasn't for me. Rather than wasting time and money, the MYX team quickly swapped my classes (with no penalty), and I fell in love with entrepreneurship. In Term 2, I continued down that path, taking all business classes and certifications while using my project to found a sustainability company with a fellow MYXer! Today, I live in Germany, continuing online studies while working on launching the business.

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