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Term 3: Launch

Now that you've discovered your passions and begun building credentials toward a career, Term 3 is about ensuring that you are prepared for success after MYX by continuing to stack additional skills, certifications, and credits to help you navigate the modern workforce.

With the advances in technology seen throughout our economy, the average worker today will hold ten different unique jobs before the age of 40.

With the benefit of true clarity on your immediate next steps post-MYX following Terms 1 and 2, we can tailor your courses to either ensure that you have gained acceptance into a four-year degree program that will transfer all the credits you've earned or to arm you with more and more direct-to-work certifications that will enhance your resume. Two students interested in business might still have different goals: one might take Business Calculus for degree credit, and the other might take a web design certification for more hirable skills. This is how you Make Your Experience.

Our HOW-TOS (life skills) curriculum in Term 3 relates to career readiness: how to network, how to LinkedIn, and how to interview. Our students also create a web portfolio that displays all of the credentials, projects, and growth they have achieved at MYX, something that stands out next to the piles of boring email resumes.

With a lifetime network of the MYX family you have built with other students, you will now tap into the extended MYX family of mentors and speakers introduced over the year. Every Monday night, we hold a MYXer dinner with celebrated guest speakers who can tell their success stories. Over time those same speakers might be someone a student does their project with and then hopefully begins their career as a mentor.

LAUNCH with Mixy:

I started Term 1 thinking I wanted to work in commercial construction, but after exploring, I realized that hospitality was my true passion. In Term 2, I got a specialization in hospitality from the University of Queensland in Australia (one of the top hospitality programs in the world). I got to intern at a hotel while planning events. That confidence from getting to try on my profession in the real world reinforced my love for the field and travel, so in Term 3, I continued stacking relevant credentials like the Google project management certification while living in Costa Rica. With the help from MYX staff on networking and interviewing, I've just accepted a job offer to become an airline stewardess while I work on a home-sharing app idea that I prototyped back in Term 1!

LAUNCH with Faith:

My goal coming into MYX was to leave and prepare for a career as a travel nurse. I want to see the world, and I love helping people! Over my year at MYX, I could work towards my bio degree online while living on a MYX campus that traveled the world and provided me with a community of like-minded people. Not only was I able to gain tons of credits toward my degree from Arizona State University, but I also was able to earn a professional phlebotomy certification and, for my project, hosted a blood drive to increase awareness in the local area. I left MYX with my dream job working at a pediatric clinic that allows me to earn money while continuing to gain hands-on experience and finishing my degree. I got here with the support and networking that MYX provided in Term 3, as the team focused on finding a 1:1 mentor in the field who eventually hired me.

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