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College Ready

While MYX is designed for students questioning the traditional college system, there are still many who are looking to leave the door open to a degree, or who are still not sure what their passion is. College Ready is a 4-month add-on to any other MYX programs, and focuses on intensive life coaching, exploration and credit-building so that students discover their purpose while also earning admission to a degree program.

This experience was life-changing for me. If I had only taken the courses online, I would have missed out on all the amazing people I met in the MYX program.

Eric Kopf, MYX 2021

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With courses powered online by Arizona State University, you’ll have the opportunity to build 24 credits in various different disciplines. If you earn above a 2.75 GPA, you automatically earn admission into ASU's degree programs (and the credits are highly transferrable to other schools as well). You'll have a dedicated MYX mentor to guide you through your coursework, and a dedicated Co-Active life coach to help you navigate becoming your best self.

Working Together on Project

Project Management

Develop a project plan and schedule and learn how to manage clients and stakeholders. Begin team building and risk analysis.



Gain insight into how your own mind works and why you behave the way you do. Learn how to control stress and influence group behaviors.

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Introduction to the basic concepts of human communication, with topics related to culture, identity, organizations, and relationships.


Excel for Business

Manipulate and analyze data for better decision making, with advanced techniques to increase productivity by streamlining workflow.


Before MYX, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. The mentorship at MYX really helped identify my strengths and start to build towards them. I found clarity in my values, personality, and what I want my next phase of my life to look like.

Ruby D, MYX 2022


By completing projects throughout your time in the course, you will develop a portfolio of work to showcase your own personal growth and development. These projects are a great way to show both schools and employers that you are serious about your future, and an even better way for you to gain an understanding about what you'd like that future to look like. This clarity will help make sure that whatever your next steps are, you are prepared to follow through and succeed.

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It's really exciting as a mom to know he'll not only get online credits through ASU, but have a great in-person experience at MYX and walk away with tools he'll always use.

Kim L, MYX Parent

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College Ready is a 4 month program. Below you'll see the next available program dates and tuition, however during your call with the Admissions Office we'll make sure to review all of the options and pick what works best for you.

May 15 - Sept 15, 2023 (LATAM)​

July 15 - November 15, 2023​ (LATAM)

August 22 - Dec 22, 2023​​ (EUROPE)



Student Loans

Apply for a loan with our partner, Climb Credit, and benefit from monthly payments that can be lower than rent.

*Installments depend on your approved interest rate, and extend for a 7 year period.

$8K (normally $10K)

One-Time Payment

Pay upfront to receive a 20% discount from your tuition. Does not reflect the $1K deposit owed in addition to tuition for any of these plans.

*Deposit is only refundable in the event that you are unable to secure a financing offer from Climb Credit.


Pay Monthly

Set up a 0% interest payment plan with MYX from when you sign up through the duration of your program. 


*Actual amounts vary on how far in advance you begin paying, with the maximum plan stretching 12 months.

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