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Digital Marketing

According to Glassdoor, marketing management is among the 50 best jobs in America for 2022 in terms of job satisfaction. It's also a field that more and more companies no longer require a college degree to enter. As a digital marketer, you’ll have the satisfaction of turning your ideas into reality with just your laptop, and the opportunity to work for startups, agencies, large corporations, on a freelance basis, or even remotely.

I landed my dream job after building up my portfolio with the help of MYX. Now I'll be traveling around the world doing digital marketing and I'm so excited!

Max P, MYX 2021

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With courses powered online by CareerFoundry, you’ll have both a tutor—an experienced digital marketer responsible for evaluating your exercises, and a mentor—a digital marketing industry expert who gives detailed written, video, and on-call feedback on your portfolio pieces. Here are some of the different topics that you'll be learning through the completion of real-world projects.

Business Meeting


You’ll be responsible for planning, preparing, and launching a campaign on Instagram for a fictional organization of your choice.


Content Marketing

Create a content marketing campaign (SEO, email, GA) for an organization offering environmentally-friendly picnic supplies.

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Channel Strategy

Develop a branded multimedia social media strategy across multiple social media platforms, both paid and organic, for a digital health client.

Leadership Presentation


Tie all of your different skills together and apply them to your own multi-channel personal or hobby brand project. Ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs!

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I feel confident having a tangible piece of work to showcase my skills in the future. I enjoyed the immersive project experience and how each assignment contributes to the final project.

Haleigh P, Digital Marketing at CareerFoundry


By completing projects throughout your time in the course, you will develop a portfolio of work to showcase along with your certification from CareerFoundry. You'll gain access to career specialists and a Job Prep Course, helping you build your application package and search strategy. With exclusive job boards, resources and digital communities, 90% of graduates end up landing a job in their new field.

You can click on the below examples of CareerFoundry portfolio projects that students have used to get hired at companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Netflix.

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I think he really has a leg up now after MYX. There really is a lack of options in traditional education. If you're considering this program, you're on a cutting-edge.

Tammy P, MYX Parent

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Digital Marketing is a 6 month program. Below you'll see the next available program dates and tuition, however during your call with the Admissions Office we'll make sure to review all of the options and pick what works best for you.

Fall 2023 Start Date

  • Latin America:  Aug 15 - Feb 15

Spring 2024 Start Dates

  • Latin America:  Jan 2 - July 2

  • Europe:  Jan 2 - July 2

Summer 2024 Start Dates

  • Latin America:  March 1 - Sept 1

  • Europe:  March 1 - Sept 1



Student Loans

Apply for a loan with our partner, Climb Credit, and benefit from monthly payments that can be lower than rent.

*Installments depend on your approved interest rate, and extend for a 7 year period.

$16K (normally $20K)

One-Time Payment

Pay upfront to receive a 20% discount from your tuition. Does not reflect the $1K deposit owed in addition to tuition for any of these plans.

*Deposit is only refundable in the event that you are unable to secure a financing offer from Climb Credit.


Pay Monthly

Set up a 0% interest payment plan with MYX from when you sign up through the duration of your program. 


*Actual amounts vary on how far in advance you begin paying, with the maximum plan stretching 12 months.

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