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See you soon!

We're so excited to potentially welcome you to the MYX. There's no prep work needed for this call just come prepared to talk about yourself and your goals. We've left some info below on how MYX can help transform your life, as well as stories from other students who have experienced it first hand.

You should have just received an email confirmation and calendar invite, and will get a call/text the day before to confirm your time again. Please make sure to let us know then if you are able to make it, or if you need to re-schedule.

Talk soon and have fun exploring in the meantime!

This experience was life-changing for me. If I had only taken the courses online, I would have missed out on all the amazing people I met in the MYX program.

Eric Kopf, MYX 2021

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How MYX Works

Make Your eXperience by building a custom learning journey tailored to your unique goals. If you're not exactly sure what the right next step is, our team can guide you in the right direction. All of the following are included in your program to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Top Courses

We partner with the best boot camps, using 1:1 mentorship and project-based learning to help you build a hirable portfolio.


Easy Travel

Live and travel together across 20+ countries worldwide. MYX helps every step of the way with passports, shuttles and more.



MYX lets you build a family and network for life through daily programming, along with weekly excursions during your travels.


Career Readiness

Your unique narrative will help set you apart from the competition, with job placement rates as high as 90%.

Join 5,000+ Graduates

Partner boot camps that provide the courses and certifications for MYX have helped over 5,000 graduates leave job-ready for positions at top companies that don't require a degree in your field of interest. They currently work at the following companies:

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What's Included

What's Included

Every program includes the following items, and you can read more about the student outcomes on the pages for Digital Marketing, Music Production, UX Design, and Web Development.


All Course Content

No need to bring anything other than your laptop, we'll provide all materials needed to succeed.

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All Housing

Just pack a bag! You'll have a room, dedicated workspace and communal spaces to share.

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Daily Programming

When on-site, all of the wellness activities and community events will be provided for.


Weekly Excursions

Once a week you'll venture out to explore the local areas and make the world your classroom.


Career Services

Each area of focus has dedicated 1:1 support to help you find your new dream job.

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Travel Essentials

Travel insurance, all shuttles in-country, and a dedicated service to help with flights.

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MYXers undergo a background check, and locations have on-site staff available 24/7.

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Mental Health

Provided via My SSP's app, you can speak to a mental health professional whenever needed.

This is the coolest education program I've ever seen, and I'm in education. I can't believe what you guys are doing here. I've never seen a smile so big on my kid's face. I can't thank you enough!

Spike B, MYX Parent

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