Deciding If College is the Right Next Step

Wednesday, January 26 at 8pm ET
Traditional college isn't the only path to success, and may not be the right next step. Whether you're a high school senior or you dropped out of college, deciding what's next is overwhelming for parents and students...
AND it can be an exciting time to find out what's right for YOU!

Join us to discuss options, and learn how MYX's personalized, high-touch program is a launchpad to life-, career-, and college-readiness.

education designed
for the 21st century

MYX is a modern approach
to higher education.

Traditional education is being disrupted by online classes that give students access to top universities at a fraction of the cost. But they lack in-person experience that is essential to learning.

MYX students benefit by taking these online classes while living on our inspiring campuses surrounded by peers. They also receive critical high-touch support from guides and mentors and apply their new skills to real-world projects.
"I want to travel and see the world. MYX lets me get my degree and experience at the same time while getting to travel. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people. I love everyone in the House and feel so comfortable. There’s nothing else like this."
Faith C.
MYX Degree Pathway Student
"At Warby we think a lot about work-life integration. I think it’s the same with school, and that’s why I’m so excited about what you’re building at MYX. How can we couple these experiences to help people grow?"
Neil Blumenthal
Warby Parker, Founder & CEO
"I can’t believe what you guys are doing here. You built a school for my son. This is the coolest educational program I’ve ever seen, and I’m in education. I’ve never seen a smile so big on my kid’s face. I can’t thank you enough!"
Isaac C's Dad
Parent of MYX Degree Pathway Student
"I didn’t know what to expect. But now I know I should expect a lot! The campus is amazing. The people are so awesome and I feel at home. Can I sign up for Costa Rica now for next semester or is it too late?"
Maximus P.
MYX Work Pathway Student
"This is the time in education. We're going from ABC to Netflix, from Toyota to Tesla, from MySpace to TikTok. I'm incredibly passionate about what MYX is doing!”
CEO, VaynerMedia and MYX Advisor

the myx PROGRam features:

  • A Personalized Approach
    Learning is tailored to support students' unique goals, because education shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all.
  • A Holistic Curriculum
    We educate the ‘whole human’ through academic, experiential, and social-emotional learning methodologies.
  • A Collaborative Environment
    Students co-live and co-learn within a diverse community of faculty, mentors, coaches, and peers.

Is myx right for you?

Learn more about our:

A quality education that prepares students for success in work and life should be accessible to all.

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Travel the world while building skills, creating real-world projects, and preparing to achieve your goals.

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Whether you want a degree or certifications, you can take courses from Google, Facebook, ASU and more.

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Free to apply, with no SAT/ACT scores or GPA requirements; financial aid is available.

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