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Launch your career. Travel the world.

Transform your life in a fraction of the time and price of traditional college.

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When You Learn Together, Great Things Can Happen

Nobody wants to be stuck in a job (or a 4-year degree) they hate. Many aren't sure what their passion is, or what they should be studying. When it's time to make a change, MYX helps you discover your purpose, get hands-on training, and launch to your next steps while living and traveling with a small group of students.


How MYX Works

Make Your eXperience by building a custom learning journey tailored to your unique goals. If you're not exactly sure what the right next step is, our team can guide you in the right direction. All of the following are included in your program to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Top Courses

We partner with the best boot camps, using 1:1 mentorship and project-based learning to help you build a hirable portfolio.


Easy Travel

Live and travel together across 20+ countries worldwide. MYX helps every step of the way with passports, shuttles and more.



MYX lets you build a family and network for life through daily programming, along with weekly excursions during your travels.


Career Readiness

Your unique narrative will help set you apart from the competition, with job placement rates as high as 90%.

Join 5,000+ Graduates

Partner boot camps that provide the courses and certifications for MYX have helped over 5,000 graduates leave job-ready for positions at top companies that don't require a degree in your field of interest. They currently work at the following companies:

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This is the time in education. We're going from ABC to Netflix, from Toyota to Tesla, from MySpace to TikTok. I'm incredibly passionate about what MYX is doing!

GaryVee, CEO of VaynerMedia

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