Modern education
for those who
demand more

MYX helps students figure out their next step and develop the plan, skills, and confidence to pursue it.

A MYX education is

personalized, high-touch, and hands-on to ensure students are well-prepared to pursue their next step––whether that's a job, traditional college, a startup, or something else. 

MYX is for students who want to work toward their career and life goals while traveling the world, learning by doing, meeting amazing people, and getting out of their comfort zone.

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This is the time in education. We're going from ABC to Netflix, from Toyota to Tesla, from MySpace to TikTok. I'm incredibly passionate about what MYX is doing!
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GaryVee, VaynerMedia CEO and MYX Advisor

What students are saying about MYX

What parents are saying about MYX

Alice A. 

When I saw MYX I couldn't believe it. I'm in my junior year studying online. I only wish MYX existed sooner, but at least I get two years. Just thankful I got accepted!

Isaac B's father

I can't believe what you guys are doing here. You built a school for my son. This is the coolest educational program I've ever seen, and I'm in education. I've never seen a smile so big on my kid's face. I can't thank you enough!

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